Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Florals

Portrait Painting Session

In August an artist friend, Ed Tereshinski, and I painted portraits of his son (thanks for sitting!). We both painted on panel. I'm loving panels for small pieces. I prep artist-grade panels with R. Doak's Panel Primer or Gamblin Ground, 3-4 coats.

Finished Portrait

After many months a portrait is dry, varnished, framed and hung. This particular painting was framed in a Hackman Frame (Ohio) and was a beautiful custom piece. In August I went to varnish the portrait on site and pick up still life pieces for two wine-themed still lifes for the front entry of the same home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Landscape Painting

Joseph, Cedric, and I found this great new landscaping spot quite close to home. It's at the merging point of a lake's run-off and the Kalamazoo River. There is a fishing hole for the family and lots of interesting trees and shadows for me. This first sketch shows a very idyllic summer experience of fishing and bathing in sunlight-Cedric and Joseph almost lost in a big, green world.

I've been using panels more and more this summer. I think for smaller pieces this is going to really be a habit. I'm using artist grade panels and panel primer from Robert Doak (NYC). Sometimes I use an imprimatura of Red Ochre or Raw Umber but usually I just leave them white until I know what will be painted on them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Floral paintings


  I've been concentrating on floral paintings during this last month. It just happens that I reach for the flowers during the short Michigan summer. I enjoy plants with big, airy blossoms. My goal is to paint them beautifully, but not sentimentally. It's hard to find the right terms for what I mean.

New Studio Set Up At Last

May 1st we moved into a unique loft-style space in Plainwell, Michigan. I have a studio as the back half of our family space. Joseph and I painted it to add class and cut down on bounce-back light on painting projects. You can see I have plenty of room for myself and atelier painters. One room has north light. The largest room has natural light or artificial light options. I'm finding the choices helpful. It gets boring painting in the same light day after day. This way I can move objects around until I find an inspiring view.

Sunday, April 12, 2009




Atelier Information

Thimgan Hayden Studio


The Atelier is designed for the beginner to advanced student who is looking for practical, traditional instruction in drawing or painting either for their own enrichment or professional goals.

Each student will be guided through drawing and/or painting projects which will serve to build an understanding of the elements of representational art.  Students will learn about the practical application of line, volume, chiaroscuro (light and shadow contrast), color mixing, and artists' materials.  Beginners may start drawing using the same basic program of study used by the French Academy.  They will then progress to more challenging projects such as still life painting and drawing and painting the portrait and figure using the sight-size method. 

Located in historic downtown Plainwell, Michigan, the studio provides a quiet, low-stress environment with each artist working independently and at his or her own pace.


The studio is open Monday through Friday with flexible hours.  Each person is working on his or her own project and will receive concise instruction in addition to informal learning opportunities. Other opportunities include group discussions, trips, an annual show as well as an excellent resource library.


For more information on scheduling and fees contact: Thimgan Hayden (pro. Tim’ee-in) at: 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Spaces

Here is a peek at the raw space that will be my next studio.  The left wall has the tall north window and a stage (or model stand in my case) runs along the back wall.  This used to be a small theatre and dance hall.  I'll be in Plainwell, Michigan for a time.  It's just north of Kalamazoo.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Started

Here is an image of my current portrait project.  This portrait was done in 5 sittings with some work on my own in addition to that of course... We wrapped up the last sitting on St. Patrick's Day; which was rather fitting.