Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Spaces

Here is a peek at the raw space that will be my next studio.  The left wall has the tall north window and a stage (or model stand in my case) runs along the back wall.  This used to be a small theatre and dance hall.  I'll be in Plainwell, Michigan for a time.  It's just north of Kalamazoo.


  1. Hi Thimgan,
    Saw your blogspot thought I would say Hi!!
    Moving to Plainwell? I was shocked. We will have
    to see each other. You live so close to Allegan now.
    What made you leave Douglas?
    Good luck with your new studio. Looks NICE!!!

  2. Hey Thimgan,

    Cool space! I love that you live in Kalamazoo, so fun to say. "Wish I lived with you in Kalamazoo", hehehehehe. "I am blue because you live in Kalamazoo", ok, I really need to stop. Ok I am through because you live in Kalamazoo, hahahah. Seriously, chat soon.