Monday, January 18, 2010

French and Californian Wines

This fall I had fun working on a pair of 19 x 42 inch wine-themed paintings commissioned for a specific spot in a lovely home on the shore of Lake Michigan.  The items are all pulled from the owners' home making it all the more personal.  It's tricky getting all the parts to play together. An item such as the candelabra is quite elaborate in itself, yet is supposed to retire a bit in the presence of the wine.  Also, both pieces needed to relate to one another without becoming redundant.  I was happy with the result... Salute!

Snake River Trip

In August my family and I made a trip across the northern states to Washington to visit our family in Seattle, Spokane, and Asotin.  My In-laws live on the Snake River just below Hell's Canyon.  The landscape is incredible.  We live more outside than inside in the summer there, soaking in the precious sunshine and fresh air.  I've sketched there over the years and I'm posting a piece from this summer's visit.  I'm using the inspiration of the cloud movements for a couple of pieces I'm presently working on.