Friday, March 26, 2010

Copies After Velasquez- A Study In Technique Il


Day 1
I begin on a white canvas to sketch in the subject with Raw Umber and a little Turpentine.
Day 2
I refine more if needed with the Raw Umber then add Flemish White highlights on a thin dammar layer (dammar put only under the areas to receive white).  I let this dry at least two days, more if possible.

Day 3
I have a lightest light represented but have more room to push darks.  I establish a taste of my darkest dark and then make an educated guess at the background color and value.

 I proceeded to paint the hand itself and bring the whole sketch to a finish. Obviously, most paintings don't get finished this quickly.  I used an earth palette for this-no cadmiums etc.

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