Friday, June 4, 2010

Copies After Velazquez- A Study In Technique IV


This title is ambiguous, I know.  This one is loosely based on Steven Assael's technique (A brilliant painter!).  I feel this sketch turned out wonderfully chromatic but I was not as liberal with the paint as Assael would be.  I'm still on the cautious side.
The Venetian Red-toned canvas really retains warmth and glow throughout the painting.  It was very easy to keep the chroma high.  Not good, perhaps, for people that fight too high of chroma as a perpetual problem.  It was fun but I felt like I was reining in the color as opposed to the other approaches.


This is Venetian Red acrylic sprayed with shellac which I used only for this project.  Usually when I tone with red I use an earth red and Turps and let it dry a number of days.

Day 1
Palette contains a Cadmium Green Light, a Titanium White to go with the Cadmiums, and a pre-mixed light, warm gray made of Raw Umber, White, and Green Umber.  I also made a White mixed with a tad of Cobalt Blue for a cool highlight color. I just did that for fun...neither Assael (I assume somewhat after seeing a demonstration) nor myself usually pre-mix colors before trying to match something we are seeing. I also made an orange-which I don't usually pre-mix either....

Day 1 cont'd.

This was it!  It was such a small piece I didn't use more than 1 alla prima session to do this.  I tried to spend roughly the same amount of time on each of these.  Some processes take more than 1 day for sure- and some don't IF it can be done well and is so small.
I'll add another pic that has a bit higher color showing.  The truth is somewhere between the two and a bit better in person, of course.