Friday, July 23, 2010

on the easel July 2010

Below are two more paintings that I've worked on this month.  I have this 6x6 painting on panel called Shells (below) which isn't quite finished.  It is part of a little series going of small pieces painted from my son Cedric's nature collection.  This is the third I've done and I have another set up to begin soon.

Here is a pic of a hydrangea painting that I am painting for Phil and Carol Carra.  Carol loaned me glass pieces and the linen from her home to use in the painting.  This is a 16x20 oil on linen.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

On The Easel - June 2010

I'm going to be a really good girl and post the new pieces that I'm working on or just finished every month.  I was able to paint quite a lot in June with the long days of summer and Joseph being home.  When the peonies were in bloom, I did three peony paintings in a row.  One I am still modifying so I'll post that later.

This is a 24 x 18 in.  I think it will be titled: "Peonies and Red Scissors".

This 2nd one is a 24 x 30 in.    The image is a bit dark on this.  The upper background is a dark green and some details are a bit lost in this pic.  I think this one will be called "Peonies and Pink Scissors".  This painting and the one above it are amazing hung together!

Here is another piece that I'm so excited about....this is a 20 x 16 in. called "White Daisies".  This will be framed in a nice champagne-colored frame.  

Here's a 6 x 6 panel.  It has a mate to it that I finished yesterday....

This image shows the painting of Cedric, my son (which is for my own collection) with two really lovely landscapes.  The larger one is a Montana river, the smaller one is of a local lake area.  The little one is available through Water Street Gallery.  The larger landscape I may use as a competition piece.

 This 9x 12 in. oil on panel is available from Water Street Gallery.  I just painted this last week- we had such amazing clouds!  It's called "Wind From The East".

Hydrangea season is just around the corner!