Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"The Bride" in Montefiascone, Italy

The Bride/Annunciation 40x36 in. 2008

About The Bride

I have titled this painting The Bride or Annunciation, but it really could bear many titles.  I don’t intellectualize my paintings while I work on them.  I choose my subjects intuitively.  Titles are slow in coming because I try not to anticipate where a painting will take me.

A young woman is seated alone in her wedding dress in an undefined space that can be past, present, or future- all of which tumble about in her mind.  It is an iconographic moment.  Anna, as The Bride, represents to me those times of struggle between the ideal and the real.  She could be Mother Earth (Gaia), a struggling nation, or the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation.  It is the moment when we recognize the real has supplanted the ideal, when the real subverts all imagined ideals. 

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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL. Good luck Virgin Mary at the Annunciation in Italy. Hope you made it there safely.