Thursday, December 9, 2010

on the easel December 2010

Long Shadows- Douglas 24x36 oil on panel
I've worked on a little bit of everything this month.  This rather large (for me) landscape and the next sneak peek of a figurative piece have taken about two months of dabbling.
I have to add that after seeing the image of this piece- I went back and added more trees and some shaping to the right side of the panel-in front of the white building.  It improved it.  Seeing it small, showed me the verticals were too strong.
Untitled 36x24 in. oil on panel

Untitled 12x16 in. oil on panel

These haven't been titled yet...any ideas?  I also have a very "Chardin" still life that is very striking.  I am waiting to get a photographer to image it for me because that snapshots are horrid.  These are bad enough!  If you are interested let me know or keep an eye out for the classier images a-comin'.