Friday, November 13, 2015

Looking for a Landscape to Paint

I posted my first self-made video with a little footage I took while tromping around in a meadow looking for amazing vantage points of peaceful Michigan farm land.

One of the cool things about photos and videos of beautiful places and things is that THEY CAN'T DO THEM JUSTICE!  Yes!  That's why I paint and travel.  Pictures can't cut it.  The colors are too complex to just use photo references (in my opinion) without extensive time spent in real life looking at real life.  Traveling somewhere gives you an experience that cannot be made up from 2nd hand experiences.  Having been there- pics and vids can be memory prompts, but they can't make up for the true experience.

I painted 5 paintings on a painter's retreat with PAAWM, Plein Air Artists of West Michigan
 I'll attach snapshots of the pieces here.  I'm waiting for frames for them and then I'll send out notes to people on my mailing list that requested info on New Pieces and my Facebook pages.
3 oils on panel and 1 on paper, far right.

Another work on paper, about 8"x14"

Same as the first, but that's a different pic on the far right! Very Irish looking scene of cows painted on panel.

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